The Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) has complete solutions for the Brazilian book market. On a 100% digital platform, it registers copyrights, issues the ISBN, bar code, and catalog information all at once, all this without leaving home and through the address

Moreover, CBL is the Brazilian Agency of ISBN, the International Standard Book Number. Since March 2020, CBL is the only institution authorized to issue ISBN in Brazil.

Brazilian ISBN Agency

The ISBN was created with the objective of providing a kind of "ID" for monographic publications, such as books, articles, and handouts. The global spread of ISBN and the ease with which it is read by retail networks, libraries, and general cataloging systems has made it indispensable for any publication.

The sequence is created from a registration system used by the publishing and book market worldwide. It is composed of 13 issues that indicate the title, author, country, publisher, and editing of work.

Thanks to this combination, it is possible to individualize and catalog the particular and specific information of each publication among all these, produced around the world. This number series recognized in more than 200 countries allows the sharing of works metadata on different systems. There is a reason why the creation of this standard represented a milestone in the publishing market, improving the processes of production, distribution, sales analysis, and storage of bibliographic data.


The Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) offers Barcode issuance. The process is quick and easy: at the end of the ISBN request, the interested party can select the option “barcode issuance”, pay for the service, and, in two business days, receive the ISBN with the barcode. This option is valid for both individuals and legal entities.

The barcode is very important for the sale of books in virtual and physical bookstores, as it has elements such as price and currency in which the work is being sold. It is necessary to follow some specific standards and comply with the work’s ISBN.

Copyright and Contract Registration

Copyright registration can be performed by authors of a book, poem, text, article, drawing, illustration, and even a picture. It certifies the authorship or ownership of intellectual work in order to protect it. This certificate assists in the production of evidence in eventual discussions about authorship, ensuring that it is not plagiarized or disclosed without the author’s authorization. In Brazil, the authorship always belongs to an individual, with the exception of collective works, in which the organizer can also be the original owner.

CBL performs copyright registration using one of the main technologies available today: the blockchain.

In addition to copyright, any type of contract can be registered on our platform, including editing, copyright transfer agreement, and service provision. The process can be done in case one of the parties wishes to. It is important to note that although the record becomes public, the content remains 100% confidential.

Catalog Sheet

Through the service platform, the Brazilian Book Chamber issues the catalog sheet, a mandatory and essential document for Brazilian works. With a team formed by librarians with the Regional Librarianship Certificate, CBL provides a very complete cataloging model.

The issuance of the document takes place in stages and takes into account each of the elements and data of the work. It all starts with the analysis of the form and the material submitted by the editor. We then move on to the thematic representation phase, which relates each work according to its areas of knowledge. Finally, the classification of each book or monographic publication takes place.

In addition to all the data necessary for cataloging a publication, the document issued by the CBL receives the name of the responsible librarian and the number of the active CRB, the Regional Librarianship Certificate, according to Resolution 184/2017 of the Brazilian Federal Council of Librarianship.

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Exclusivity Letter

At CBL, the Exclusivity Declaration or Exclusivity Letter is available only to members. Through this document, publishers prove, together with the public agency responsible for the purchase of books, that they hold the exclusivity of editing and distributing the works a school needs, for example. The Exclusivity Letter attests that, in this process of buying and selling exclusive publications, it is not necessary to place a bid.


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