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São Paulo International Book Fair

The São Paulo International Book Fair is the stage for the meeting of the main publishers, bookstores, and distributors in the country, which presents their most important releases. In addition to the wide range of books, the Book Biennial also has a comprehensive cultural program, mixing literature, gastronomy, culture, business, and lots of fun!
This immense stage celebrates the transformation that books make in people’s lives. Time to learn, meet authors, fulfill dreams, find new books, make new friends... Expanding our way of thinking and acting.

Jabuti Award

A reference among the country's literary awards, the Jabuti Award is a cultural heritage. For years, it has been expanding the achievements of the publishing industry and the reach of the national literary culture. The Jabuti Award remains relevant for award winners, publishers, and cultural agents because since its creation, in 1958, it has continuously distinguished works and authors. Held for more than six decades, Jabuti Award strives to illuminate what is most significant in its four axes — Literature, Nonfiction, Editorial Production, and Innovation. The title of Literary Personality, each year, celebrates the fundamental figures of art and thought in a country eager for inclusion and representativeness.

Academic Jabuti

The Academic Jabuti Award, organized by the Brazilian Book Chamber with the support of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), is a unique annual distinction for academic works in the Portuguese language in Brazil. Focused on scientific, technical, and professional works, the award, curated by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Knobel, has 2 pilars and 29 categories. Its goal is to encourage and recognize excellence in national academic production, valuing significant contributions to the scientific, social, political, and cultural development of the country. In its debut, the award will pay two tributes: one to an Academic Personality and another to a Classic Academic Book. Both will be selected by the curators and the CBL, with the assistance of public input, for the second tribute.

Brazilian Publishers

Created in 2008, Brazilian Publishers is a project to promote exports of Brazilian editorial content, the result of the partnership celebrated between the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).
The initiative aims to promote the Brazilian publishing sector in the global market in an oriented and articulated way contributing to the professionalization of publishers.
To achieve this goal, Brazilian Publishers encourage exports through actions aimed at the sale of copyright, participation in international fairs and events, training of entrepreneurs and employees, and consulting firms specializing in commercial intelligence and market prospecting.
In addition to promoting exports, the execution of the project also contributes to the image and positioning of the country, showing the Brazilian capacity to create technical, literary, and scientific content of great importance and quality for the international market.
Brazilian Publishers is currently composed of more than 50 publishers from several segments. Associates of CBL have special discounts to be part of the project.

Editors, Booksellers, Distributors, and Printers Meeting

The Editors, Booksellers, Distributors, and Printers Meeting is a content and networking event held annually by the Brazilian Book Chamber. The event addresses relevant and innovative topics with a futuristic perspective on the publishing landscape. The first and second editions took place in 2022 and 2023, respectively, bringing together key players from the entire industry for a three-day immersive experience.
To grasp the scale of the event, the 2023 edition gathered 337 participants, a 19% increase compared to 2022. It featured 18 exhibitors, 30 sponsors, and 41 speakers, making it a significant gathering for industry professionals.

Special projects

Defenda o Livro

The Brazilian Book Chamber acted in the campaign Defenda o Livro (Defend books) along with other institutions in the sector, against the proposed tax reform that aims to tax books by 12%. The text encouraged a group of students to create a petition on the platform Change.org against the draft bill 3887/2020 sent by the Federal Government to the Chamber of Deputies. The 1 million signature mark was reached in just two weeks and made the petition the fifth-largest created in 2020 on the platform.

Conexão Livraria

The Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), in partnership with the distributors Catavento, Inovação, and Loyola, created the Conexão Livraria project. The initiative was launched in 2021 to assist small and medium-sized bookstores in the country with their e-commerce operations, structuring processes and technology akin to a large marketplace the availability and combined with logistics of the distributors.
In practice, it works as follows: the partner contributes with their entire security and payment structure; the distributors handle the logistics operation, connecting their inventory with the main store; and the bookstores connect to the space as associated stores through a personalized link and are remunerated with commission for sales.
The initial project includes seven bookstores — Favorita, Intelecto, Blooks, Vanguarda, Nobel Brooklin, Isasul, and Casa Vamos Ler — in addition to Mercado Livre and the distributor Catavento. In 2022, Conexão Livraria won the Innovation Awards during the 33rd International Publishers Congress of the International Publishers Association (IPA).
Caso tenha interesse em participar, entre em contato: cbl@cbl.org.br.

SDG Book Club in the Portuguese Language

The Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the International Board on Books for Young People, the Brazilian section of iBBY, and the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Librarians, Information Scientists and Institutions (FEBAB) have joined together to carry out the selection process of works released in Brazil, that are part of the SDG Book Club in Portuguese Language, with themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of the United Nations (UN). With the project, Brazil joined a global movement called SDG Book Club, developed by the UN with the support of the International Publishers Association (IPA). The aim is to disseminate the contents of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for children and young people aged 06-12 from around the world through books and literature. The list of selected Brazilian works was published on the United Nations website, along with the recommendations of books already available and published in the six official languages of the UN: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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Retomada das Livrarias

The project Retomada das Livrarias (Resumption of bookstores) aimed to raise funds to financially help micro and small bookstores, so important for the sector and the country's economy. With the reopening of establishments and commercial activities in several Brazilian cities, 53 companies in the book sector received an important incentive to strengthen their businesses in the face of a new scenario. The campaign arose from the joining efforts of the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the National Union of Book Publishers (ANL), the National Union of Book Publishers (SNEL), and important players in the Brazilian publishing market.

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Representation and strengthening of the sector

The Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) works on the promotion of books and reading also through the articulation of ideas and projects with various regional, national, and international entities of the sector. It acts in the defense and promotion of books and reading within an agenda of political representativeness with various organs and in all governmental spheres. Some initiatives regarding it are the presentation of propositions such as the extension of Corporate Income Tax Collections, Social Contribution on Net Income and INSS [Social Security] in 180 days, reduction of interest rate, the opening of working capital for the sector in public banks, in addition to the incentive for the offer of credit in private banks, as well as the maintenance of government book acquisition programs at the Ministry of Education. All actions and monitoring of at least 500 draft bills that impact the book market deserve prominence as well.

Research - Industry x-ray

The Brazilian Book Chamber presents an annual survey of the publishing market in partnership with the National Union of Book Publishers (SNEL). The surveys are conducted by Nielsen Brasil and show an overview of the book market in the country. These are: Production and Sales of the Brazilian Publishing Sector and its Historical Series, and the Digital Content of the Brazilian Publishing Sector. There is also the research Retratos da Leitura no Brasil [Portraits of Reading in Brazil], coordinated by an Institute called Instituto Pró-Livro.

Production and Sales of the Brazilian Publishing Sector

The Research Production and Sales of the Brazilian Publishing Sector is annual and reveals a complete x-ray of the sector with data, divided into several categories, and that show a detailed analysis of both, production and sales. Every year is also published its historical version, that is, the research still makes a comparison with previous periods and from 2006.

Digital Content of the Brazilian Publishing Sector

The Digital Content survey of the Brazilian Publishing Sector is annual and reveals the details of the production and billing of e-books, audiobooks and other content distribution platforms. Its first edition was released in 2020.
To see all the surveys already published by
the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), click here.


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